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Castle Recap: 'Kate! Her Name Was Kate'

TV Line:
This week on ABC’s Castle, Rick and Kate did their very best to keep their romantic weekend getaway to the Hamptons on the down low, lest anyone back at the precinct get wise to their secret relationship.

But what’s the saying about “best laid plans”…?

During my visit to the set back in July, when I asked Seamus Dever how the boys might respond once the “Caskett” romance is revealed to the rest of the 12th, he said, “I think Ryan’s ultimate reaction will be, ‘Yeah, so? We thought it would’ve happened four years ago.’ I think that’s what Ryan would feel – ‘Finally! God, the tension! We can move on with our lives.’”

alycakes4263d ago

This was such a good episode and so funny. Those guys were never going to let it go or so I thought.


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Redinfamy1d 8h ago

Definitely on my watch list. I heard The Witch From Mercury is a must watch for those beyond being a Gundam fan.


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