RoboCop Star Joel Kinnaman Is At One With His Motorbike

The Daily Mail:

As he sits astride his shiny black motorbike, its hard to tell where Robocop ends and his vehicle begins.
Fans got a first glimpse at the fighting machine's revamped transport as Joel Kinnaman filmed scenes for the remake of the classic action movie on Saturday.

The epic Robocop remake has been filming in Toronto, Canada for the past month.

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alycakes3813d ago

I wasn't sure about the new suit but it's beginning to grow on me....I guess one can get used to it. I hope the movie does the original justice.

OneAboveAll3812d ago

Ugly. Look's too much like Batman and doesn't even look like a Robot. The hell.

StarWarsFan3812d ago

I think this suit is made for a new generation, but I doubt they had the intention of impressing those that know the old movies. At least it doesn't look like they did.

alycakes3810d ago

I think I like the old suit better myself but we'll see.