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Geek Binge Reviews: Argo

Geek Binge: I haven’t been to a movie recently where the film elicited as much laughter as it did heart-pounding suspense. In his third directorial effort, Ben Affleck has deftly crafted a film that not only educates, terrifies, and moves you, but also charms you silly with some good old Hollywood insider humor. Unlike his previous efforts, which could be perceived as more dark in tone and mood, this film is definitely more crowd-pleasing in its delivery. Thanks to an impeccable cast, smart, economical script, and Affleck’s increasingly masterful directing chops, Argo is sure to excite audiences with its guts and wit.

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alycakes3387d ago

I was more than impressed with this movie. It is an Oscar winner or should be. It not only was well written but the whole movie was great. You lost yourself in it and forgot you were watching a movie and felt yourself stressing out for these people that were in so much danger.

Ben Affleck deserves recognition on this one for sure.