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Mary McDonnell Previews Major Crimes Finale

TNT’s Major Crimes ends Season 1 with a bang this Monday at 9/8c, when a sniper vexes the combined resources of Major Crimes and the FBI. Yet in doing so, the intense case brings Captain Sharon Raydor’s team closer than they’ve been since a certain Southern belle’s exit. TVLine invited Mary McDonnell to reflect on the spin-off’s success and share why the Season 2 pick-up means so much to her because of the many other lives it rewards.

alycakes4244d ago

I have really enjoyed the show. I knew I would miss Brenda Lee Johnson but at the same time with all the other character or all but one, still there....the show is still about the same. The stories are still very interesting and different every week. Brining in the story about the boy Rusty was genius....I think it's one of the main reasons that it makes it so good to see that side of Captain Raydor.

alycakes4242d ago

Great finale...but is what they did at the end leave Rusty or even Sharon open for retaliation? I sure hope not....but you never know.


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