Is Anyone Else Worried About the Proposed Battlefield: Bad Company TV Series

Arcee "You know, I have tried to wrap my head around the fact that FOX is developing a series based on the Battlefield: Bad Company video games series. I look at the track record that FOX has had lately and I am being honest when I say that I am definitely worried about this one. I can totally see FOX completely screwing this franchise up and ruining another great and original property. It doesn’t help that Happy Madison is one of the creative partners for the show as well. I mean, when was the last time Happy Madison put out anything of merit lately?"

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Soldierone3813d ago

Yep, you can go back in the comments and look at the first article about it. Said "it sucks its on fox" lol

In an article on PushStartSelect, I even mention FOX attempting to cancel Family Guy.....FAMILY GUY! And they want to try and make this show?