Top Ten Brad Pitt Performances

That rare combination of movie star, sex symbol and character actor, Brad Pitt has only gotten better with age. Here are his Top Ten Performances.

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MinimeJer053386d ago

Great list. I probably would have put Se7en right behind Fight Club, while also including his role in Burn After Reading, but otherwise a solid list.

StarWarsFan3386d ago

I think his performance in Snatch is my favorite.

alycakes3381d ago

He's done a lot of movies and there are a couple that I think should be on that list rather than a couple that should be taken off.

Seven is one of his best performances for a dramatic role and Burn after Reading is a great role too for the lighter side. My top choice however would have been 'Legends of the Fall'. I think that's when I first saw that he could actually act. It's a great story and he deserves to be noticed for that part.