Revolution "The Plague Dogs" Review

Geekenstein said: "I’ve come to terms with the fact that Revolution is not the show I expected it to be. I can concede the fact that, at least for now, it is just a fun show. “The Plague Dogs” was a fun episode, barring some incredibly cheesy dialog. I’m talking 80s action movie level of dialog at times. I’m also a bit confused at the over plot in general, there has still been absolutely no mention of Grace getting tasered and, presumably, dragged away two episodes ago..."

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titanius7193811d ago

I have gotten over the cheesy dialogue personally. I was talking to some guys that work at DISH with me and the only real draw anyone has right now are the fighting scenes, and unfortunately there were only a few this time. I was wondering what happened to grace also. This whole show is just all over the place. I think I am going to wait to see if they get approved for another season before I watch any more. My Hopper automatically records all of NBC’s prime time shows so it will be on my DVR if I break decide to check it out before then.

gaffyh3811d ago

I hope this show does get better, but it looks like it's going to be killed. It seems like this show is a classic case of "too many cooks spoil the broth".

I'm really glad they killed the British woman off though, she was annoying. Now for Danny to die, he is such a pointless character.