Dead Man Walking: Five Simple Steps To Make The Walking Dead Less Terrible

Geek Binge: For me at least, The Walking Dead is one of the most frustrating shows on television. At its core, The Walking Dead has the perfect formula for a great genre TV show. But we’re on the third season now and, so far, The Walking Dead has been more mediocre than anything. It could be a great show if it wanted to be, but there’s a few factors truly holding it back. So in honor of the show returning this Sunday on AMC, here are the five steps The Walking Dead needs to take if it wants to truly become an excellent show.

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Ryto3809d ago

I really enjoy walking dead, but I agree. Season 2 was so annoying, if season 3 is going to drag on for ages with little to nothing happening and only one episode for a climax.... I'll just wait for the season finale, after all I won't have missed much.

Soldierone3809d ago

The Walking Dead is by far the best show on television. I don't want it to be like every other show on television, why? Because I don't watch any other shows. I catch re-runs of shows on TBS or old shows here and there. TWD is the only show I go "Okay on Sunday, I'm not doing anything when TWD is on, period!" No other show does that for me.

Sure them staying on the farm sucked, who didn't hate that. However I couldn't come up with another complaint. It could use more zombies, but the show isn't about zombies and horror, its about the in convenience they cause. Plenty of the characters are likable too, Rick, Daryl, Hershal. SPOILER People were literally crying when Dale died.....