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NYCC: Did Hasbro Reveal a Stealth Iron Man 3 Suit, Villain Firepower and More at Their Booth?

The New York Comic-Con photos are hitting the Internet and even though no major announcements usually come from NYCC, since San Diego Comic-Con is just three months earlier, it seems that Hasbro has teased what looks to be some spoilers for next year's Iron Man 3 movie.

Over at their booth, Hasbro showcased a few Iron Man 3 figures for an upcoming toy line which will release when the movie does in May.

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Soldierone3817d ago

I haven't been reading Avengers vs Xmen, but in the latest Spider-Man comic Iron Man has a black suit. I'm assuming its leading into Marvels new revamp, since Spidey is also getting a new suit.