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‘Arrow’ Series Premiere Review: Screen Rant

Screen Rant:
It’s always nice to be pleasantly surprised.

Following the announcement that The CW would be working with the writers behind Green Lantern to craft a new series featuring a decidedly modern take on DC Comics’ Emerald Archer, Green Arrow, anticipation was low, while skepticism shot through the roof. The early perception of Arrow did not improve much, as comparisons to The Bourne Identity were made and terms like “edgy” and “provocative” were thrown around with the kind of reckless abandon that often accompanies the hype machine of lesser known characters or franchises.

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alycakes3390d ago

I think we are really going to like this a lot.. it came out with a strong start and I'm not surprised with the end of the first episode...I'm just now curious about a couple of other people too.

Soldierone3390d ago

Will be watching this later today. However not many people even noticed it was on, not sure if thats a good thing or not.

alycakes3389d ago

I might have missed it being that it was on a Wednesday but I'm a Supernatural follower and they moved it from Friday to Wednesday so that how I knew they were going to show it right before.

Soldierone3389d ago

Well I was super pumped about it and even I didn't know it was on till the last minute because of a commercial. Still missed it lol. It said 8/7 central, it came on at 6 for me......made no sense.

So I just watched it online.

DarkBlood3388d ago

through cable or the roger box it was on an odd channel at 8 pm on channel 20

needless to say i may have found my smallville replacement lol looks like im back on the television again