Watch The New Toy Story Short “Partysaurus Rex”, Then Die From Cuteness

Geek Binge:When Pixar announced production of Toy Story 3, the entire world freaked out and thought John Lasseter was hellbent on ruining one of the most beloved series ever. Then the movie came out and every single person in the world loved it. Later, Pixar announced production on Toy Story shorts that would premiere in front of their upcoming movies, per company tradition, and the entire world just wished Pixar would leave the series alone. However, the first two shorts, “Hawaiian Vacation” and “Small Fry”, were both released and very positively reviewed. So now that our collective freaking out is over, we can rejoice that the latest Toy Story short, “Partysaurus Rex”, has been made available to watch online for free. And it’s adorable!

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