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Rupert Sanders Circling Universal's Tom Cruise-Starring Van Helsing

Director Rupert Sanders poses an interesting conundrum for the suits at Universal Pictures.

On the one hand, Sanders turned in a successful debut picture for Universal with Snow White And The Huntsman, a film that may not have been a massive blockbuster success but certainly turned a tidy bit of business for the studio and teed up what could very well end up being a successful franchise. Clearly Sanders is someone Universal wants to keep in the fold.

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alycakes3390d ago

Hopefully he'll keep his mind and his hands on his work this time.

MySwordIsHeavenly3389d ago

He did Snow White and the Huntsman?

Yeah. That's a no.

StarWarsFan3389d ago

I wouldn't hire him at all. I'd be afraid he might come onto Tom Cruise.