Matt Damon Says It's Unlikely He'll Be Bourne Again

The odds of Matt Damon returning to the big screen as Jason Bourne are looking longer than ever judging from a conversation I had with the actor on Tuesday night. Damon, who's still sporting a shaved head for his work on the sci-fi thriller Elysium, was part of the starry crowd that turned out for a special private screening of Argo, which was beautifully directed by his bud and Good Will Hunting co-writer Ben Affleck. During a dinner at the Porter House steakhouse in the Time Warner Center, I asked Damon if there had been any movement on reports that he could reprise his role after Jeremy Renner's portrayal of Aaron Cross in The Bourne Legacy, another agent in the Robert Ludlum-created universe, this past summer.

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alycakes3822d ago

I knew that as long as Paul Greengrass didn't participate in the movie that he wouldn't do another one. He said that from the very beginning and from what everyone could tell, he meant just that. Sometimes they know who they can work well with and who they can't work with.

darklordzor3821d ago

They really just need to end the franchise. I felt the last film with Damon effectively 'ended' the whole story, and the spin-off just wasn't that great.

calis3821d ago

Legacy was a good first step in a new direction. Nothing wrong with it.

alycakes3820d ago

I thought it was decent...not as strong as Damon's but it was okay for a new character just beginning. If they do the second one, it needs to pick it up a notch or it won't make it.