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Argo Review - Independent Cinema

Independent Cinema writes: Remember the days of Daredevil, Gigli, and Surviving Christmas? The days when Ben Affleck was everywhere, doing many films a year, most of which turned out horrid? Turns out all it took was for him to step behind the camera and start directing his own films to begin a new career as a person actually worth talking about again. With Gone Baby Gone and The Town, he met critical success, and with Argo his trend of successful films continues. Adapting a true-but-absurd story for Hollywood can be difficult, but its playful nature about it as well as tension-filled moments equate to another milestone in Affleck’s career, showing that the director truly is a master of his craft. Contributed by an ensemble cast that never oversteps their role, Argo is what thrilling and entertaining cinema should look like: never boring the audience, and finding ways to keep them on the edge of their seat even when we know the outcome.

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