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5 Ways Tim Burton Can Keep His Career Ressurected

With the release of Frankenweenie, Tim Burton has entered a realm of critical appreciation he hasn't seen for many years. This once beloved filmmaker has become something of a punching bag after directing turds like Alice in Wonderland and Dark Shadows.

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TheWolverine4160d ago

When a movie makes a billion dollars(Alice in Wonderland), it doesnt matter if it only rates a 51% on metacritic. Thats a win for any film company.

Baka-akaB4160d ago (Edited 4160d ago )

" Maybe the fix is something as simple as being able to say "No." Burton is one of Hollywood's biggest, most powerful filmmakers. He doesn't need to accept every script that gets thrown his way. Find something with a little heart and run with it.

And he isnt . He obivously only pick stuff he's interested in . It may works for you or wont , but you can't fault him for trying and always delivering what is usually his vision .

Besides , i dont agree with most of the article's premise , about his recent movies or some of those being stinkers .

Bare PLanet of Apes the weakest link of the bunch , they all have at best polarized and mixed feelings , with people still defending them to this day .

" Carter and Johnny Depp are two of the closest people to you in the world. That doesn't mean they should be in every single one of your movies."

It's not stale for most people . For starters he needs a bankable and popular lead actor for his movies . He'll have an hard time finding one both popular and fitting his style .

As for Helena , he was casting her already before their relationship started or became official , and it's not as if he constantly trust her into a leading role . Seems like now he is quite careful about the appearance of nepotism , and cast her mostly in supportive roles these days

maniacmayhem4160d ago

Most suck for Lisa Marie who was in most of his movies when they were together. I wonder if she saw it coming?

thorstein4160d ago

"5 Ways Tim Burton Can Keep His Career Ressurected"

Did I miss the part where it died? Because, I don't remember that at all... Checks IMDB just to make sure.... nope, didn't die at all, his career has been astounding from the beginning to the last. Better title: "1 Way Playeraffinity can try to be relevant: Write a trolling article about one of the best directors of all time."


attilayavuzer4160d ago

All he has to do slap his name on anything and girls in eyeliner will beg him to take their money.

fei-hung4160d ago

Not sure what the complaints are about. Watched Alice and Dark Shadows - enjoyed both!

What does need to happen is for journalists and reviewers to stop the bullcrapping. People watch Tim Burton films because they like his art style, story telling and dark story telling. He is one of the very few directors where you watch a film and without checking the label, you know exactly who has directed it.

If there is someone who needs his career saving, my 6th sense would point me at another direction!


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