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Exclusive 'Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2' Trailer

From MTV:

Back in July, we exclusively premiered the trailer for the DC Universe animated feature "Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1" and it was pretty freakin' awesome. Well now, we're unleashing the exclusive first look at "The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2" trailer and guess what? It's pretty freakin' awesome too!

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darklordzor4298d ago

Holy crap that was an awesome trailer. The first part was amazingly well done and this one looks to be just as good (maybe even better). Can't wait.

aDDicteD4298d ago

spectacular trailer. i like the first one and this one looks 2x as good. at the end of the trailer it didn't say when it will be available though..

darklordzor4298d ago

Yeah I don't think they've firmed up the date just yet. I've only heard 'early 2013'. I was hoping this trailer would have a release date for it.

tunaks14297d ago (Edited 4297d ago )

I never read the graphic novel, but went into the part 1 excited. It was alright, but seeing the trailer for part 2- it just doesn't feel like batman anymore :/


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