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The Indiana Jones Cartoon That Never Happened (But Still Might)


You can relive the complete adventures of Indiana Jones on the new Blu-ray box-set titled ‘The Complete Adventures of Indiana Jones’ (ahem), did you know that in addition to those films, we almost had an Indiana Jones cartoon? And, God willing, it could still happen?

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Crazay3302d ago

I love the idea behind this. The concept art looks great. Here's hoping they turn it into a Saturday morning series and we can get back to what was awesome about Saturday morning cartoons.

darklordzor3302d ago

I know I'd watch the hell out of this cartoon. I think it would be a great idea. I mean, it's set up to feel like those old pulp serial adventure shows, so having it be a TV show (especially in cartoon form) would fit the tone of Indiana Jones perfectly.

Crazay3302d ago

I'm all over this concept. Maybe if we call make enough noise it'll happen.

TheDailySuperHero3302d ago

Please, please, please, please...

aDDicteD3302d ago

A animated Indiana Jones would be great and i like the concept art shown. I hope they reconsider it and push through this project soon cause many would want to watch it.

StarWarsFan3301d ago

I'm not hating the idea at all. I'm surprised it never came along.