Concept Art of the Dino-Human Hybrids in the Cancelled Jurassic Park IV Revealed

Geek Binge: As most of you might remember, its been a rough road to getting another Jurassic Park in the theaters. Jurassic Park 3 really crippled that franchise and, despite many attempts, we still have yet to see a follow up to that film. But that isn’t due to a lack of trying. In fact, there was a lot of leeway was being made on the project post three, before the version was scrapped following creator’s Michael Crichton’s death. And well that was the “official” reason for cancelling Jurassic Park IV, I think we might have evidence of the real reason here: it would have been a freaking disaster.

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darklordzor3396d ago

I remember reading about this version of the film a few years ago, and thinking it was the stupidest idea I'd ever heard, at least for Jurassic Park. That's not to say there isn't some interesting movie within that concept, but it doesn't really work for Jurassic Park.

DarkBlood3396d ago

that would of been interesting to see