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Big Screen Adaptation Of Gears of War Moving Ahead


Following the news that Battlefield: Bad Company is being brought to the small screen, it has now been revealed that plans to turn Epic Games' Gears of War into a movie (it has also been a DC Comics series) have now been revived.

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Crazay3392d ago

If I were casting this, the only person I see playing Marcus Fenix is David Bautista from WWE. Baird would have to be Ray Liotta with blonde hair and for my favorite, Cole Train none other than the man who he was inspired by Lester Speight.

Paganostaghetti3392d ago

As long as Lester Speight does Cole Train I'll see it. But, I have almost zero hope in this adaptation.

calis3391d ago

They really need to nail the brotherhood they share as well as the gory-ness and badass-ness of the characters.

Soldierone3391d ago

Can't say I'm expecting much from this. It does sound interesting, but with Hollywood I really only expect a big action flick out of it.

Sad thing is this could create a rather interesting movie universe, but I don't see that happening.....

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