Iron Man 3 is Looking Like it Has a Ton of Influence on Setting up Marvel Studios' Ant-Man Movie

The A few weeks back, The Daily SuperHero reported a rumor saying Iron Man 3 could be setting up the villain in Marvel Studios' Ant-Man movie. This was due to Marvel casting Chinese actor Xueqi Wang to play Chen Lu. In the comic universe, Lu is also known as Radioactive Man.

Another new rumor corroborates this earlier rumor that Iron Man 3 may have more to do with the Ant-Man movie than most originally thought it would. In the current draft of writer/director Edgar Wright's Ant-Man movie, it is being said that Advanced Idea Mechanics (A.I.M.) will play a huge role in the film.

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StarWarsFan3389d ago

I really don't see Ant-Man being a great movie. I think they should really limit the characters that they give their own movies to, at least for now, just to not dilute the environment. I mean, who was begging for Ant-Man at this point?