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Fox To Develop Action TV Series Based On Video Game ‘Battlefield: Bad Company'


Electronic Arts‘ hit video game Battlefield: Bad Company is headed to the small screen. Fox has put in development Bad Company, an hourlong action comedy based on EA’s bestselling video game from Alias alum John Eisendrath, Sony TV and studio-based Happy Madison.

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Soldierone3394d ago

I'm interested in the complete copy and paste idea from the game, however its fox. This will be censored, probably used for propoganda purposes, and ruined by a low budget and lack of support.

It should have been on HBO or Starz.

Crazay3394d ago

You're probably right. I've never played those games. I was more than happy with the CoD franchise so I'm unfamiliar with the story but was it a slightly comedic look at war?

iamnsuperman3393d ago

It is really funny and stupid. I hope they do not go away from that because that is what makes bad company.

Soldierone3393d ago

You had 4 nimrods basically doing black ops missions. They were not supposed to be there as their orders came from a commander that went a-wall. So when they figure it out, they start retaliating against the guy.

iamnsuperman3393d ago

@Soldierone don't forget the first one and their "mission" to just steal gold

UnchartedFan123393d ago

I dont know if this will work.