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Weekend Box Office: Audiences Taken By 'Taken 2' To The Tune Of $50 Million

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Box office: you just got “Taken“! Despite reviews outlining diminishing returns, to say the least, audiences were pumped for a rendezvous with Liam Neeson’s Bryan Mills, who powered the first “Taken” to a $227 million global gross. The opening for "Taken 2," is the third-largest October bow in history, but the best showing by a PG-13 movie of all time (the best debut still belongs to “Paranormal Activity 3”). Even more, it grabbed just as much cash overseas with the cheapie sequel snaring $117 million overseas.

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alycakes3823d ago

I know the reviews have not been kind to this second one but I never listen to them anyway. I'm seeing it today. Too cold to be outside anyway and can't afford to get sick so an inside movie is just what I need.

Soldierone3822d ago

Too cold?! Geez please send that weather here....we are still pushing the 100's by 9 in the it sucks

alycakes3821d ago

Well for me anything under 50 is too cold...I get cold very easy...I'm such a baby! Wait til it really gets cold then I won't leave the house at all.