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Liam Neeson’s action-man renaissance in 2008’s Taken was a most unheralded critical and box-office hit for a seemingly generic revenge flick. Writers Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen managed to captivate audiences with a streamlined story of a retired CIA operative using his skills to locate and rescue his kidnapped daughter. It was a simple concept in that it utilized family bonds as motivation, but it was made exciting through a mixture of intriguing resourcefulness and crafty violence.

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alycakes3390d ago

This was a lot of the same of the first movie in a way but I can still watch him do what he does best over and over. It was still a good action packed movie for a cold cloudy day.

calis3390d ago

I could watch the same of Taken many many times. It's enjoyable and I suspect #2 will be if it is 'the same'.

aDDicteD3388d ago

too bad that taken 2 has just hit so many low reviews, but still going to watch it when it comes to blu-ray/dvd or maybe just rent it first