Rumor Mill: Are Emily Blunt and Ruth Wilson Up for Captain Marvel in The Avengers 2?

Geek Binge: Oh British tabloids, what would we do without you? Unlike our tabloids here, the British tabloids actually have some use; providing us with ridiculously off based and completely made up movies news that no one believes, but wants to talk about anways. Oh can anyone forget The Sun's report that Eddie Murphy was being attached to play The Riddler in The Dark Knight Rises? That was pure journalism at its finest, wasn't it? This time around, it's The Daily Mail's turn, and they're switching gears from DC to Marvel. Are Emily Blunt and Ruth Wilson up for contention in The Avengers 2. We seriously doubt it, but let's talk about it anyways!

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alycakes3827d ago

Joss hasn't really given much on who he's bringing into the second movie other than Thanos. I know he has others in mind but he won't tell until he's completely sure.