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Butter (2012) - Review on Popzara

Plays like a satire in search of something to satirize; has moments of effectiveness, but it doesn’t really go anywhere and isn’t really about anything.

Full review by Chris Pandolfi.


Best Music Videos of 2021: MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name), BTS Butter & More

Listing down the Best Music Videos of 2021 for everyone to know what to grove to as the New Year approaches.

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The Blu-ray Breakdown: December 4, 2012

Nicholas of Movies Hate You Too writes:

There are several highly anticipated new releases that kickoff the month of December including the final adventure of The Dark Knight, the second season of Star Trek’s greatest show, and several Pixar classics are finally available in three dimensions. With regards to catalog releases you’ll find a couple terrifying double features (one intentional, one not), another season of the longest running animated series, and another Speilberg film cons its way onto Blu-ray.

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Butter Review | Player Affinity

Butter isn't just for spreading on toast anymore — it's also the title of a pretty weak independent comedy directed by Jim Field Smith. The film's characters are stock, and its narrative is both unfocused and disappointingly safe. For what's supposed to be 90 minutes of skewering the ridiculousness of small town America, Butter doesn't have much of an edge, and with a cast this talented, the film has no excuse to fall as short as it does.

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