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Lore Review - Independent Cinema [VIFF 2012]

Independent Cinema writes - As a society, we have a hard time letting go of preconceived notions. The idea of someone being something more or less than what we were told ends up bewildering more so than enlightening, with World War II arguably being the best example. There’s no need to delve into the politics of it all, as anyone who has lived long enough already has in their mind that Nazis were bad and the Jewish population was unfairly persecuted. The trick now is being able to step away from a generalization and look at each person individually, deciding for yourself who is bad and who is good. Lore is a story of just that: breaking away from previously held convictions, and trying to find yourself in a world that has so radically changed. Cate Shortland has wonderfully adapted Rachel Seiffert’s novel, The Dark Room, and presented a breakthrough performance from newcomer Saskia Rosendahl, a talented actress that will surely be going places.

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