Trailer Breakdown: Is The Lone Ranger Disney’s Next Pirates of the Caribbean?

Geek Binge: For Disney at least, the new Lone Ranger movie represents a pretty huge investment. The film’s been in development for years now, with Johnny Depp and Gore Verbinski at the helm from the very beginning. Disaster struck the film last year though, when budget problems caused the studio to postpone production on the Western adaptation. Yes, they postponed production on a JOHNNY DEPP movie. You know the budget was high if Disney didn’t believe that even Johnny “Money Machine” Depp could bring audiences to the theaters. But after some script changes and general snipping of the budget, the film went back into production early this year. And proceeded to balloon up BACK to its original $250 million dollar budget. Hey, Verbinski doesn’t do cheap (just look at the Pirates of the Caribbean movies). So with hundreds of millions of dollars to lose, you better bet Disney is campaigning hard for this film to succeed. They don’t need another Mars Needs Moms. No, what they need is another Pirates of the Caribbean…and Disney is hoping The Lone Ranger will fit the bill.

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Soldierone3143d ago

If Disney is trying to make it the next Pirates, then no it won't be. Pirates kind of surprised them and thats what will be needed. They attempted to do it with Prince of Persia and look how that turned out.

TheCritic283142d ago

Yeah, most big franchises that become cultural symbols came out of nowhere...Pirates, Stars Wars, Toy Story...low expectations mean a helluva lot.

Soldierone3142d ago

Exactly, and you can see Disney literally trying to find the next Pirates. They can't do that, just let it happen.

My first suggestion would be to quit planning out franchises. Make it just one movie so the director and actors go all out, just like Pirates.