M. Night Shyamalan Lands Moby Dick-Inspired Drama 'Lost Horizon' at NBC

Recently, M. Night Shyamalan landed a put-pilot series at SyFy and now it looks as if he’s doubled up with some network television support. NBC has reportedly agreed to another put-pilot drama series from Shyamalan and writer John Glenn (Eagle Eye). The series, titled Lost Horizon, draws inspiration from Herman Melville’s classic whale tale, Moby Dick (which seems to be a popular source lately). The premise of the series is under wraps, but Deadline reports that it centers on a small East Coast fishing village and deals with themes of obsession and the unknown. Shyamalan is attached to direct the potential pilot, which will be written by Glenn.

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alycakes3822d ago

Maybe this will be better than some of his movies have been lately.