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How To Build Fox's Shared Marvel Universe


One reason Marvel Studios' superhero movies are so enjoyable is the shared “Marvel Cinematic Universe” they've been building since the original Iron Man. Just as in the comics, the movies offer a world where multiple heroes coexist and interact (either to punch each other in the face or chow down on shawarma). Fox clearly wants to get in on that action too. Last week we learned that comics scribe Mark Millar has been brought on board as a creative consultant for Fox as it expands its X-Men franchise and works to reboot Fantastic Four. The goal is to develop a similar sort of shared superhero film universe.

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Soldierone3391d ago

I really don't like Fox with their hands on these titles. I don't think I'd enjoy them in the current state of Marvel / Paramount either, but it'd at least be bigger and somewhat better stories.

What I'd love to see is Marvel to let Sony use some characters to pop up in Spider-man since that alone creates some great stories. Punisher hunting Spider-Man, Wolverine fighting then working with Spider-Man, a bunch of cool stories. Marvel doesn't even do anything with Punisher and lets Lionsgate use him, why not let him appear in Spidey?