New Lone Ranger Trailer: Johnny Depp & Armie Hammer Handsomely Keep the Peace

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The Lone Ranger rides again.
Though, this time he's got Johnny Depp by his side, so you really can't blame us for giving Tonto more attention than he may be used to.

Armie Hammer, who plays the titular peacekeeper in The Lone Ranger, Disney's trouble-plagued update of the classic serial, brought the brand-new trailer with him on his visit to The Tonight Show Tuesday—and, so long as you're not a Clayton Moore purist, the sneak peek at the Gore Verbinski-directed adventure flick didn't disappoint.

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Crazay3832d ago

I had a feeling that we'd be seeing a trailer for this soon with all the sudden spotlight it's been getting in the last 2 weeks. Looks like it should be a decent fun movie. I have no issues with Johnny Depp's voice or dialogue as no doubt some will complain about.

Yi-Long3830d ago

... we didn't see Johnny or The Lone Ranger until pretty late in the trailer, and only barely at that.

Johnny will be great, as he always is.

I have my slight reservations (no indian pun intended) about the guy playing The Lone Ranger and how that character will be in the movie. I don't know the actor so that probably has something to do with it. His costume/mask looks a bit crappy though.

MySwordIsHeavenly3830d ago

Looks pretty good. :) Why is Gore Verbinski stealing Tim Burton's shtick though?

Crazay3830d ago

HAHAHA! You're talking about Helena Bonham aren't you? Didn't you know that she's not allowed to be in movies unless Johnny is next to her?