The LRA Show Ep. 71 - Looper

LRA writes: After trying to figure out what an Acura has to do with Akira, we get things rolling with Brian's trip to the Universal Horror Nights in Hollywood along with our month long Halloween Treat of the Week segment with two recommendations this week, "Nightmare Before Christmas" and "The Cabin in the Woods". James then discusses our new iTunes review and laments on the new American Sherlock Holmes show, "Elementary". Finally before heading into our main film, I give my thoughts on the new NBC series "Revolution" and a couple of quick comments on the "Doctor Who" series 7 mid-season finale. Then we get knee deep in a whole lot of time travel discussions with the new sci-fi film "Looper" and you know what that means? A whole lot of confusing talk about how this works or how that happened and the way it effected this other thing and where they are compared to when they were and....well, suffice to say you might get a little lost listening to us try to figure out what was never me...

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