Artwork For Adele's 'Skyfall' Single Revealed Plus New Videoblog From The Film

The Playlist:
A couple of weeks ago it was pretty much confirmed that Brit sensation Adele would be lending her impressive pipes to "Skyfall." But now it's officially official as artwork and details for the song -- also called "Skyfall" -- have arrived.

The artwork for the single has dropped and it looks like a production intern with some Photoshop skillz spent about five seconds throwing it together. Regardless, what you should know is that it was co-written by Paul Epworth, the Bloc Party and Futureheads producer who also helped pen a little song you might have heard of called "Rolling In The Deep." And while Adele didn't jump in right away, she explains why she eventually decided to team with 007.

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alycakes3406d ago

I can see how it can be so expensive to make some of these movies but then you also see why these actors make the big bucks. I just couldn't do that for hours and hours at a time.