Collider’s Most Anticipated 2012 Movies: October to December

Summer 2012 was a disappointment for the most part, but things have picked up in September, and there’s almost too much good stuff in the final quarter of the year. There are new films from Tarantino, Affleck, McDonagh, the Wachowskis, Russell, and more. There are also some great-looking sequels and blockbusters that will be fun for the whole family.

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alycakes3651d ago

I'm looking forward to almost all of these.

Daver3650d ago

Their list is missing Rise of the Guardians which looks awesome!

aDDicteD3650d ago

Definitely going to watch almost all in this list. Skyfall and the hobbit: an unexpected journey is a must watch movie. Les miserables and django unchained looks good and and it's worth to see in the big screen.

reznik_zerosum3649d ago

Zero Dark Thirty will be just like Hurt Locker,terrible piece of American propaganda.