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Robocop Close-Up Set Video Featuring Gunfire & Death


Spoilers! The Robocop remake continues to film scenes involving lots of gunfire at the Hamilton, Ontario set. This time we have a new angle and a closer view of the action.

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Crazay4256d ago

I don't know about you guys but, personally I'm having alot of trouble getting into the suit design. He looks more like some dude in an armour suit as opposed to someone who's been augmented with technology and actually part machine.

Simon_Brezhnev4255d ago

Wish i could find the footage video is already deleted. I agree with you i hate that body suit. I guess Robocop can run fast as a car now.

NewMonday4254d ago

if anyone is interested in good Sci-Fi with the concept of cyborg police should check Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex

Simon_Brezhnev4255d ago

Naw im saying i bet he can run as fast a car now. I mean look at that suit i bet u he runs in the movie. I loved the old robocop just walk to everything.

Crazay4255d ago

Ya the original RObocop is great. What would have been awesome is if they were to reference the original and this was the evolution of him as opposed to the reboot of the series. Let's be honest, the lame "I'd buy that for a dollar" commercials and Clarence Boddicker were AWESOME!

LackTrue4K4255d ago

the looks like a Power Ranger!!!

or in this case...."its Muprhy time"

krisq4255d ago

Boom! And injects himself with morphine!

steve30x4255d ago

Video was deleted. I havent seen any of the new robocop footage. I own the first three Robocop films on DVD

PS4OUR4255d ago

That's the problem with people today. Everyone wants the old this and that. What's the point in a remake then. Go watch the Old Robocop if you want the Old Robocop. Its that simple.
Remakes are meant to tell the story in a different light using modern advances in technology. Im up for the new suit. Im hoping Robocop is more agile instead of a walking target which the first one essentially was. A running and jumping super soldier enhanced by bio-mechanics is exactly the type of Robocop i hoped they would make and it looks to be that way.
Can't wait to see this.

firefoxprime4255d ago

Correction: remakes are created as a crutch for the lack of originality in hollywood today. Don't get it twisted.

Did we "really" need that Total Recall???

dennett3164254d ago

Exactly...what IS the point of a remake of this movie? It will come nowhere near the standard of the old movie, frankly, I'm not sure Hollywood has it in it any more to make a movie that good.
Why in the blue hell would you want Robocop to jump around like an idiot? You want jumping robots and a remake? Then wait for the Starship Troopers remake...they shouldn't sully the name of RoboCop with that generic looking dirge.

Th3 Chr0nic4255d ago

the new suit looks more like what the badguy should look like if they tried to make a rival for robo. its kinda disapointing and im hoping it is just like the first revision and they do another design that comes into play later in the story.

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