Teddy Bear Review - Independent Cinema [VIFF 2012]

Independent Cinema: Other than Arnold Schwarzenegger, how many other body-builder movie stars do you know of? You know, those guys who look massive with the only purpose of their exercise being to win prizes for looking massive? Perhaps it’s just hard for them to break from a routine that makes them happy. Or maybe it’s that they simply can’t function doing anything else. Well meet Kim Kold, the star of Teddy Bear, a film about a bodybuilder named Dennis who just wants to find love from someone who can get past his ‘big exterior’. The two ways he finds happiness are through exercising, and being with his mom (Elsebeth Steentoft). His mom however, is seemingly only happy when she’s with her son. This is the relationship that really works in this film because you see that Dennis wants nothing more than to just be happy with someone else, but his mother has major control issues, and makes him feel guilty when he tries to leave her.

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