Last Resort 'Captain' Review: Geek Binge

Geek Binge: Shawn Ryan is quite the prolific TV personality. After making his big break with the very successful and critically hailed The Shield, Ryan moved from show to show, trying to find his next surefire hit. He was doing The Unit for a while, did a little Lie to Me, and created and show ran two shows last year alone; The Chicago Code and Terriers. He did all five of those shows in about three years. All of them have been cancelled. So despite being a man of immense talent, Shawn Ryan hasn’t exactly found a show as successful as The Shield yet (at least ratings wise although, small caveat, The Shield was on FX, so it wasn’t exactly pulling in huge numbers either). Now Ryan’s new show, Last Resort, has made its premiere on ABC. Will it finally be the post Shield project he’s been looking for?

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