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Revolution Review (PopBucket)

Pilots are supposed to want you to watch more. Saying that one episode is not enough to make people give a damn about what is going on is incredibly wrong; Game of Thrones, Mad Men and the Walking Dead all had epic pilot episodes that still graciously stand out as some of the best episodes the series have to offer. Revolution weaves an original idea into a boring mesh of teenage angst, poor jokes and steals ideas of far better and more accomplished series.

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TheCritic283304d ago

Seriously not digging this show so far. Well, there's always Giancarlo Esposito, at least.

medman3303d ago

This show is not very good. I gave it two episodes, that was all I could take. Good premise, slow development, the swordplay is not doing it for me, the girl is cute but not cute enough to make me tune in weekly. I'm out.

titanius7193301d ago

I agree that Revolution could never hold a candle to Game of Thrones, but overall I don’t think the show is horrible. I do think they need a lot of work though. I was talking to this guy that works at DISH with me and he said that he stopped watching because of Spiridakos’ acting, but I could take it or leave it honestly. My Hopper automatically records all of the prime time shows on NBC and I am still not sure if I am going to check out the next episode.