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Top Five Bond Movies

With Skyfall fast approaching, FMV Magazine's Leon Nicholson takes a look at what he considers to be the five greatest James Bond movies to date.

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TheCritic283311d ago

Casino Royale is still my favorite. Awesome, awesome movie.

DarkBlood3311d ago

yeah i got to start my 22 film marathon *one movie per day* soon leading up to the very next day i see skyfall

medman3311d ago

Yeah, the Daniel Craig Casino Royale was phenomenal, it had everything a Bond fan could want. Eva Green was spectacular (her performance and her look).

KingPin3311d ago

lol and they leave out Dr. No. this list = epic fail!!

as for skyfall, im not a fan of daniel craig as bond. he lacks that bond suave, that charm, that ladies man characteristic, his not as smooth or gentlemanly as previous bond characters (which is what makes bond, bond). he just looks like an arrogant special agent.

Genki3311d ago

Not quite. Bond was always meant to be a cold-blooded killer, albeit a reluctant one. The suave ladies man persona was never Fleming's original idea.

KingPin3311d ago

so what you saying is jason bourne or ethan hunt are more ian flemings idea of james bond then james bond is. O_o

Genki3309d ago

Not even gonna entertain that. Read the books.