IGN: Star Wars: The Clone Wars - "Revival" Review


Note: Full spoilers for the Star Wars: The Clone Wars season premiere follow.
The Clone Wars began in a different manner than ever before this year, with the Season 5 premiere actually picking up the same storyline (with most of the same characters) as the season finale that proceeded it. Considering how big a deal Darth Maul’s return was, that felt quite appropriate. Just having the opening narration inform us that Maul and Savage Opress were committing “murder and pillage at every turn” was a reminder that this show can be pretty dang brutal - especially where these two are concerned.

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darklordzor2578d ago

I was pretty impressed with this opener. The Clone Wars has come a long way and to be honest, nothing about it feels like a kids show anymore. It's got some deep stories and interesting characters.

Plus Kenobi fighting Maul and Opress with two lightsabers was just bad ass to see. Well choreographed.

TheCritic282577d ago

Yeah, I couldn't believed they actually killed a good character on screen. That took some balls.

aDDicteD2576d ago

I'm surprised too. it would had been better if it was darth maul that killed adi gallia.

TheCritic282577d ago

Enjoyed this opener, and it was nice to see Hando back.