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Five Questions For Homeland Season 2

Those of you who just marathoned the first (and newly minted “Emmy award winning”) season of Showtime’s exceptional psychological thriller Homeland won’t need much of a refresher course since your mind is probably racing as fast as Carrie’s trying to connect the dots about who’s lying, who is working for the good guys versus the bad guys, who isn’t sure, and the biggest question of the season: does Morena Baccarin look better with chin-length hair or a pixie cut? Still, maybe it would be helpful to organize our thoughts into a rainbow chart of time anyway.

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alycakes3404d ago

This is going to be so good. I will be trying to watch the first season so I can catch up this winter.

TheCritic283402d ago

Really want to give this show a shot, especially with all the Emmies it garnered.