Leviathyn Review - Big Bang Theory: Season 6 Premiere | I've been anxiously waiting for this episode. After the culmination of events where we finally saw Howard and Bernadette married and the groom heading into space, I was very excited to see what would happen next. I’m one of those viewers that doesn't read episode announcements and has no idea what the episodes are going to be about when they air. I like it that way. I feel like their is more surprise awarded to the viewer if you stay away from solicitations. If I had read the solicitations for this episode, I believe my reaction would have been, “seriously?”

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Soldierone2212d ago

Is this show getting better? I kinda lost interest after the Penny dating whats his name turned into Seignfeld (illane and Jerry) stories lol

colonel1792212d ago

Read the review from TV Fanatic ( They are spot on.

The problem with this TV show is that they are stale. Nothing is moving forward with the characters and the story. They have been the same for some seasons now, and it seems as if the writers have ran out of ideas.

I still think the show is still entertaining, but the quality has indeed fallen. Not as low as Modern Family, but could be much better.

AztecFalcon2212d ago

I can agree with this comment fully. I love the show but it isn't what it used to be. I hope it can recover.

MySwordIsHeavenly2212d ago

I'd consider a 6/10 an improvement...