Elementary Pilot Review: IGN

The idea of updating Sherlock Holmes is nothing new. It's not even new for CBS, which has twice before aired modern-day series based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's iconic detective (The Return of Sherlock Holmes in 1987 and the radically differently titled Sherlock Holmes Returns in 1993). But this latest iteration is notable for coming out at a time when Holmes is enjoying a resurgence on screens both big and small. Tempted as I am to compare and contrast Elementary's version of Sherlock Holmes to the recent Guy Ritchie film franchise or the Steven Moffat series (still my favorite) or even Hugh Laurie's Dr. House, I'm going to try and stick to evaluating the premiere on its own merits.

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alycakes2264d ago

I watched this last night and I was surprised to say that I enjoyed it. I thought there was no way this would work but I think it might. I don't know if it got very high ratings but it came on after Person of Interest which I never miss and there was nothing else on that I watch at that time so I gave it a chance.

It wasn't awesome, or the greatest show ever but it was good and it did keep my interest and I liked the chemistry between Watson and Holmes. I'll keep watching to see if the episodes continue to hold my interest as it goes on.