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The Big Bang Theory: "The Date Night Variable" Review: IGN

The Big Bang Theory ended the somewhat uneven Season 5 on a high note, with Wolowitz and Bernadette finally tying the know and Wolowitz subsequently blasting off to an uncertain fate aboard the International Space Station. The newfound momentum carried over into the Season 6 premiere, "The Date Night Variable." Here we learned that being trapped in the cold depths of space might be the least of Wolowitz's concerns, as there's apparently nowhere his mother's shrill, disembodied voice can't find him.

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alycakes3831d ago

I know not everone agrees but this was a fun one. Anytime I see Amy and's fun to watch. I read on EW something interesting...what is Penny's last name? Everyone has a last name except for Penny. I never thought about that until now and now I can't get it out of my head.