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Red Dawn 2012 Review: IGN

Released in 1984, towards the tail end of The Cold War, Red Dawn was an action-packed and testosterone-fuelled tale of a group of teenagers banding together and fighting back when Soviet troops invade the United States. And while it's no classic, it has developed something of a cult following in the intervening years as a flag-waving flick that's dumb fun.

This remake – which was shelved for two years due to MGM's financial troubles – takes much the same plot but replaces the Russian threat with one from North Korea. The result is a film that actually feels like a Cold War relic, the characters one-dimensional, the effects second grade, the tone at times somewhat racist.

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alycakes3401d ago

I know that this won't match up to the original in my own head but I still want to see it just because of Chris Hemsworth and Jeffery Dean Morgan. I know it's going to be good in it's own way but the original will always have something special with all those young actors that grew up in with me.