First Look at The Dark Knight Rises Collectible Bat Cowl Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack


Yesterday we got a first peek at the UK box art for The Dark Knight Trilogy box set, but today we’ve got an official first look at the collectible packaging for The Dark Knight Rises Blu-ray/DVD combo pack. Obviously the film will be available in a regular Blu-ray/DVD case when it hits stores, but Warner Bros. is also packaging the film with a limited edition broken Bat Cowl, reminiscent of the one Bane drops after first beating the crap out of Batman in The Dark Knight Rises.

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alycakes2576d ago

This looks really nice...wonder what this will cost? An arm and a leg or just an arm?

BiggCMan2576d ago

Nah I don't think so personally. I'm a big video game collector, and typically when special editions come with like, a cool replica of some item in the game, they are just a hardened, cheap plastic. Like the Batman game funny enough, it came with a foot long batwing or something, and it was only 80 dollars I think. Seeing as how movies are cheaper than games, I would guess under 100 probably.

darklordzor2576d ago

I'd say about a foot. So not so bad as a full arm or leg.

alycakes2576d ago

Even a foot kills me sometimes but for certain movies like this and and The Avengers I'm willing to suffer a bit.

Soldierone2576d ago

I wonder if Wal-mart will have yet another collection for this movie. I might buy the special edition of this movie just to save, un-opened, as I really don't have a will to watch it again just yet.

DarkBlood2576d ago

id like to get this but im dead set on having the steelbook edition from futureshop lol too hard to choose

not like i have frequent visiters checking out the piece anyways the kind of people i know are likely not to give a crap about this kind of thing lol

Soldierone2576d ago

I wish the steelbook case editions were coming here....I want the Spider-man one, but no one has it.

DarkBlood2576d ago

yeah seems like its only a canada thing right now we still have some original spiderman trilogy movies in steelbook in stores mostly futureshop as far as i know

KwietStorm2576d ago

reminiscent of the one Bane drops after first beating the crap out of Batman in The Dark Knight Rises."


LtSkittles2576d ago

Of course I'm buying this.

darklordzor2576d ago

I can't decide if I want to get this, or wait for the trilogy box set. Tough call.