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Ted Review GamesFiends

Cards on the table now, if you’re not a fan of Seth McFarlane’s usual output (Family Guy, American Dad) then you can skip both this ted review and the film. The style and delivery of the jokes are very much identical to his cartoons so we both know it’s not for you and you’ve honestly got better things to do with your time.

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Crime Scene Berlin-Nightlife Killer Review | Leisurebyte

Crime Scene Berlin-Nightlife Killer Review: This documentary series really drops the ball with its storytelling.

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Civil War (2024) Movie Review

In a movie that largely sidesteps what the war is about, “Civil War” puts us in the point of view of journalists who make it clear there are no heroes in war, just dead bodies.

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The Greatest Hits (2024) Movie Review

“The Greatest Hits” brings visuals to the saying, “Music moves you,” as a woman is repeatedly transported through time when triggered by songs that hold memories of her deceased ex.

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