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The second episode of NBC’s Revolution, “Chained Heat,” was not at all like the pilot, and that was a good thing. By the time Nora – the lady who is very good at blowing things up – appeared, I had to check the episode’s writing credit, and I was surprised to find out the show’s creator Eric Kripke (who also penned the pilot) was credited. In “Chained Heat”, instead of trying to cram too many things in an hour with dubious approaches, he was more straightforward (and even candid at times) with his story and his characters. All things that made me wish the show had started with an extended premiere, using this episode as the second leg.

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titanius7193827d ago

An extended premier would have definitely had better luck selling me on the show. After watching the pilot I thought I wasn’t even going to watch the second episode. Then boredom took over and I realized my Hopper automatically records NBC during prime time so I threw it on the tube. The show still needs work, but now I know why everyone in my office at DISH has been talking about it. The premise is brilliant and the and when they are not cramming things in at a mile a minute the characters are actually kind of enjoyable.