New Paranormal Activity 4 Trailer

Best-Horror-Movies says: "In the middle of the night a brand new and from what we are being told by Paramount is the final trailer for Paranormal Activity 4. "

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darklordzor3408d ago

Hmmm....Great product placement, but now I fear turning on my Kinect.

Best-Horror-Movies3408d ago

I'm really getting tired of this series but this trailer made it a little easier to stomach another PA film. Hope I don't get burned.

Soldierone3408d ago

So tired of the Kinect advertising, but I guess its working for them. It kinda made me want to just wait on this movie now though....

Best-Horror-Movies3407d ago

I wonder if over advertising will hurt Kinect? Probably not.

aDDicteD3406d ago

the trailers always make the movie more scarier than it really is and when i watch these paranormal activities it doesnt exceed my expecations, part 3 was ok but i hoped it was scarier and i hope, paranormal 4 will be as good as insidous or paranormal 1. but the trailer for this really gets me tempted to watch it.