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Sir Patrick Stewart: 'Yes, I'll Be Reprising' Xavier

Sir Patrick Stewart closed out the 2012 Montreal Comic Convention by offering up a tantalizing tease for fans of the X-Men film franchise. If his recent nod at an Apple store seemed to suggest he’d be returning to the silver screen in the role of Professor X, when asked directly by a fan during his Q&A panel, the Englishman gave a knowing smile and spoke the words many have been waiting to hear: “I think there is every possibility.”

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DarkBlood4261d ago (Edited 4261d ago )

this is awsome, cant imagine anyone else as him beside the person in first class whos name i forgot

p.s i forgot to read the article man i had a coma for a second lol this is GREAT thanks @alycakes for delivering this fanastic news

aDDicteD4259d ago

x men franchise is currently being tied up by the sequel days of the future past, this is a very risky but bold move for the franchise since x men first class done so well and x men the last stand is as bad as it goes. i hope they can pull it off with a great story plot and they should employ the sentinels in the big screen to make this work.


Patrick Stewart Would Love A Star Trek And Star Wars Crossover Movie

Patrick Stewart admits that he'd love to see a movie crossover between the Star Trek and Star Wars franchises.

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Patrick Stewart Rumored To Be Unhappy About Returning For Picard Season 2

A new rumor is claiming that Patrick Stewart isn't too happy about returning for season 2 of CBS' Star Trek: Picard due to what happened to his character.

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Garethvk1388d ago

This outlet does zero research and just throws clickbait garbage out. He is so unhappy he was talking about it at SDCC and how much he is looking forward to season 2. The fact that he is involved in the storylines is another fact but they never let research get in the way.


They're Back! What You Need to Know About the New Charlie's Angels

The recently released trailer of the Charlie’s Angels reboot shows three new butt-kicking angels with flashy moves and even flashier wigs. Watching this trailer naturally makes us think of the original angels' trio of Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu. And bet you didn’t realise that those three fun-loving, crime-solving girls first graced the big screen in 2000!

Yes, it’s about time we bring the angels back.

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Inzo1789d ago

Another pandering failure. Hollywood dont know people at all. Women who love action movies dont watch it for the women, they watch it for the men and men who love action movies watch it for the testosterone that is why most female action movies dont do very well. And now you have this dumpster fire which is not only a female action movie but also a pandering female action movie.

Lord_Sloth1789d ago

Have you never heard of this franchise dating back to the 70s?

Deadpoolio1789d ago

Wow you are clearly like what 12 and never actually heard of Charlie's Angles.....Jesus you triggered fragile snowflakes just have to complain about anything that involves women even when you clearly know nothing about it...