We Have a Cast, Final Tributes Announced
With one fell swoop, the rest of the cast for Catching Fire has been announced!

First up from the newly appointed cast members is James Logan and Ivette Li-Sanchez, who will play the tributes from District 5.

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alycakes3827d ago

They started filming too so that's good. They only have a short time to make this movie so they need to get this show on the road and get it done right so it will be even better than the first least I hope it is.

Soldierone3826d ago

It only takes about a month to 3 months to film a movie, and they can start editing it all as the footage rolls in. They are cutting it close here though. I expect the film to be released no later than May next year, if they start now then filming should be done by February or March.

If it has a lot of visuals, thats a lot of time to render and get things right, and they would only have a month to work on it. The other month would be spent rendering things and correcting textures.

DarkBlood3826d ago

i heard the filming is to be done by end of december i assume the rest is the visual stuff, having paying attention to the gag reel of avengers *noticing how a scene with captian and iron man together wasnt present when chris evans was acting the line*

assuming it isnt explosive cgi detail should take no longer then 2 months max at the most so a may release is possible i dont think a march is though unless they got really lucky

DarkBlood3826d ago

yeah jennifer has got to get started on days of future past almost immediatly especially if the recent awsome rumours about the whole thing is anything to go by they got to get that stuff down

Soldierone3826d ago

In reply to your other comment, after watching the gag reel isn't it amazing how much of each scene was so fake? I was amazed by it. I knew a lot of things were added in, but there were scenes where Downey Jr was walking in front of massive green screens that I thought were actual sets lol

DarkBlood3825d ago (Edited 3825d ago )

yeah like "jarvis dont ever talk to me again once im off screen* or "dudes your on your own* lol